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#Cracking the Multunus @Twitter Challenge

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I like to keep #hacking interesting problems that I come around. And just yesterday, I came across this new Twitter #Challenge, created by Multunus Softwares. Well actually the Contest Date was Ended, the deadline was 12th August and it was almost a month old now.

But the Puzzle was really interesting. It was actually a web app, which accepts your Twitter handle (ie. Username) and generates a cloud of numbers, which is unique for every Twitter handle.

The number cloud was really strange at first, but after playing with it (regenerating number cloud again and again), for a while I got to know the pattern of numbers that was been generated.

So, the problem was to understand the number pattern that was been generated in the cloud, and to build an App similar to that.

After I understood the logic behind the generated cloud, it was just some python #code that I had to put together for the App (ie. solution) was up and running.

I didn’t actually win anything, but it was really fun solving another interesting puzzle. 

The Solution is hosted on Heroku, and the source code is available on Github.

The Problem Statement is available here.

Would like to hear your experiences about solving some really interesting problems that you have came across!