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Find places around you, using Nearme on SMS

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Well for me Find Near Me is a pretty handy app when I m looking to find places around me. Since its really easy to use, and comes in handy when I m in some new town, and I dont know much about the vicinity.

And well since I live in India, you just cannot expect the Internet connection to be working all the times. So its obvious that you cannot be dependent on using Apps which require Internet connection to function. So I came up with my solution, A Nearme app on sms. So it should work regardless whether I m connected to Internet or not.   Txtweb is platform which provides Internet on sms. So developers can create apps, that can be used via sms. It is really easy to get started with the Txtweb platform, since they have some excellent documentation. 

I considered using Google Places API to locate places around you. 

You can find how to use the app, along with some how to’s at App homepage.

Try it out on the Txtweb emulator for free!

The source code is available on Github.