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Tool to unsubscribe from Facebook App requests and activity

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Are you tired of receiving notifications from Facebook apps?

And wish if you could just unsubscribe from all of them, at one go!

Well then, it's your lucky day! Because I built a bookmarklet, that does that (since, I was too lazy to unsubscribe manually).

For using it, you will have to follow these steps:

1. First of all, add the bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar by dragging this button -

Unsubscribe me <-- drag me to your bookmarks bar

2. Go to the Facebook Notifications settings here (you need to be logged into Facebook).

3. Now click on the Edit link in "App requests and the activity" row as shown below:

It will expand, and all the apps you are subscribed to will be listed.

4. Now click on the "Unsubscribe Me" bookmarklet you just add. And that's all. It will automatically start, the unsubscribing process. The progress will be shown in a box in the top right. It will show a message "Done", when it is done unsubscribing from all the apps.

Enjoy! :-)

The source code is available on Github, if you are interested in contributing.